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Mozilla Firefox 55.0 Beta 6 Crack

Mozilla Firefox 55.0 Beta 6 Crack With Mac [Portable] Freee Download

Mozilla Firefox 55.0 Beta 6 Crack With Mac [Portable] Freee DownloadMozilla Firefox 55.0 Beta 6 Crack With Mac [Portable] Freee Download

Mozilla has switched Firefox to a rapid release development cycle which means New versions will come more frequently. The non-profit organization has promised to push out a New stable build every six weeks.

The latest Mozilla Firefox Nightly is now available for testing on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. This beta includes performance enhancements that improve the browsing experience for users and enable Developers to create faster Web apps and websites.

Firefox is award-winning Web browser is packed with advanced security features designed to help you stay safe, and in control, online. Filled with features to ensure that your information belongs only to you. Firefox Beta is the build for those who like a little bit of jeopardy, but who don’t want to risk everything by trying out Firefox Aurora, the early alpha build of Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox 55.0 Beta 6 Crack

Firefox Beta gives you a sneak peek at the next version of Firefox six weeks ahead of its final release, offering a relatively stable build that’s not quite ready for primetime, but still pretty solid.

Whereas Firefox Aurora installs as a completely separate application alongside your existing Firefox installation, Firebox Beta will replace the stable build. Should you subsequently wish to go back to the safer version, you’ll need to manually download the stable version and install it over the top of the beta build. Beta or prerelease software is not intended for inexperienced users, as the software may contain bugs or may potentially damage your system. We strongly recommend that users exercise caution and save all mission-critical data before installing or using this software.

Mozilla Firefox 55 Crack

Do Not Track feature that lets you express a preference not to be tracked by websites.
Private Browsing allows you to browse the Internet without saving any information about which sites and pages you’ve visited.
Forget button gives you, even more, control over your privacy, which wipes out browsing history from your selected time frame without affecting the rest of your information.



It’s easier than ever to personalize Firefox and make it work the way you do. No other browser gives you so much choice and flexibility
designed to be redesigned – Get fast and easy access to the features you use most in the new menu. Open the “Customize” panel to add, move or remove any button you want. Keep your favorite features – add-ons, private browsing, Sync and more – one quick click away.


Firefox for the way you use the Web. Such things like opening or switching between tabs and getting results from the Awesome Bar happen faster than ever. Get where you need to go as quickly and smoothly as possible.
– Use virtual reality devices with the web with the introduction of WebVR
– Simplify print jobs from within print preview
– Assign custom shortcuts to Firefox menu items on OS X and macOS via System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts
– Added Belarusian (be) locale
– Make screenshots of web pages, and save them locally or upload them to the cloud. This feature will undergo A/B testing and will not be visible for some users.
– Fine-tune your browser performance from the Preferences/Options page.

What’s New?

  • New: A set of new improvements to the Firefox user interface
  • Fresh: An interactive onboarding tour to guide users through new changes
  • Fresh: A redesigned and improved customization mode
  • New: The ability to set up Firefox Sync by creating a Firefox account
  • New: Gamepad API finalized and enabled
  • Changed: navigator.plugins is no longer enumerable, for user privacy
  • Developer: ‘box-sizing’ (dropping the -mod- prefix) implemented
  • Developer: SharedWorker enabled by default

Mozilla Firefox 55.0 Beta 6 Crack With Mac [Portable] Freee Download

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